oy de Rats is a recording studio collective launched in Leipzig in the summer of 2012. We are a group of sound engineers collaborating with musicians across a variety of projects : we offer studio and live recording, mixing and mastering as part of our comprehensive service.

Roy de Rats was born with the will to make a professional recording studio with a do-it-yourself philosophy. We staunchly believe that it's possible to do a lot with little means - if you have the tenacity and know-how.

Since January 2014 our activity takes place at the Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig, where we have a 60 square meter space at our disposal. It features a recording space, a control room and all the equipment required for recording a variety of musical performances. We do the mixing and the mastering in another control room which is acoustically tuned and equipped with high end monitors.

The Crew


  • Master degree in Sound Engineering
  • 2 years professional diploma in Physics (Measurement)
  • Keen musician from childhood; actively involved in several musical projects
  • Experienced recording and sound systems engineer
  • Heavily influenced by the Punk and Hardcore scene
  • Z movie and Horror film addict


  • Master degree in Sound Engineering
  • 2-years technical diploma in Audio-Visual Technology (Sound)
  • Musician from a young age; still involved in various projects
  • Loves good music, but not exclusively!
  • DIY devotee, particularly in hobby electronics for sound


  • Master degree in Sound Engineering
  • 2-years technical diploma in Audio-Visual Technology (Video editing and post-production)
  • Electronic musician obsessed by sound synthesis and broad-band-broken-beats
  • Penchant for musical experimentation, but not exclusively!
  • Convinced that one can see sound waves


  • Two years' experience as an acoustic technician
  • Now happily unemployed
  • Firmly convinced that crate-digging is a better way to discover music than via blogs
  • Secret dream: recording lo-fi bands on his 8 track cassette recorder