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Why in Leipzig ?

Written by  Roy de Rats

We wanted to expand this website with articles about the news of the Roy de Rats' studio, so it's obvious to open this blog section with a further explanation of the project. We will developped it in two parts, following a chronological order. Today, we will talk about the birth of the project and also the reasons that lead us to make it in Leipzig.

It's during our last year of studies (and all the worries that implied !) that our project made his roots. We met in the Image et Son (Image and Sound) School in Brest (Brittany). This three years training provides knowledges in audiovisual and sound engeniring (dedicated to musical recording), both in theory ( the training is part of the science university) and in practice (a lot of disposable gear to concretely practise and a lot of teachers coming from the business).

The questions bothering us were as usual as a lot of people of our generation : where and how to live and work after the studies ? What mainly put us up together was our reluctance to work in an already set up studio both because some of our internships let us a strange feeling, and of course because the recording business, as the musical business, follows a capitalist logic in state in the whole world today, this logic we wanted to break off appart.

And besides this, of course, the simple idea to build up a project with friends in order to create or own recording studio and approach the sound engeneering work in coherence with our intimates convicts was very exciting. We also wanted to make music, we are musicians and we want to stay musicians as long as we will work in sound engeneering, if not longer.

Otherwise, this idea quickly melted with a sort of curiosity, an envy to travel, to see new things, whatever, we quiclky thinked of leading this project outside of France. Also, we supposed we could manage to find a place where to build such a project need less money (and maybe less paper work) than in France. It's while chatting with our friend Claire that the idea of Leipzig started to grow (a big thank you to her!). For that moment on, and for about a year, the events followed their way naturally : while keeping thinking on the possibility of such a project, we start saving money, and made a scouting trip that confirm what was then only « rumours » for us. Finaly, we moved on by the beginning of May 2012.

Indeed, we realized as soon as we came in that Leipzig is a lifefull city where a tons of human scales project come to life and where the culture have his whole space. Thus, we spend a great summer made of sun, parks, lakes and new meetings. After a month, we moved in in Plagwitz district, where we found a true neighborhood's life that made us quickly forget the atmosphere of some big cities.

Obviously, the fact of living in Leipzig gives us a deeper idea of his demographic and cultural dynamic. This way, we understood the city is changing every year and this repopulation movement that is going on in some districts take part in the increase of the standard of living : in this corner of the city that was almost deserted ten years ago, will be the most expensive rent costs in a close future.

However, that's still a pleasure to live in Leipzig, and we never have to regret our choice. The first months, when we were warmfully welcomed by friends, friends of friends, and even sometimes unknowns, allows us to meet a lot of people, and from this meetings were born our first works for the studio. In a forcoming article, we will talk of the beginnings of the Roy de Rats' studio !

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