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Antape & Kotekan Split Album

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Eight months ago, a series of mysterious messages were exchanged in the bowels of the internet, initiating a collaboration which would lead to the creation of a double debut EP, released today in sexy DIY cassette format. We are proud to present our first release :

This screen-printed yellow tape comes in a handmade box, with dual-sided artwork, and an insert providing tracklisting and information, all lovingly handcrafted with a DIY approach. On the cassette, you will find 40 minutes of fresh electronic music from Antape and Kotekan, in the form of two 20 minute debut EPs. 14 tracks seeping with synthesizer screams, lush ambient soundscapes, off-kilter beats, cubist compositions, and very square waves, this release spans through a great variety of unconventional and imaginative modern age computer music.


 Primitive Silly Music, composed and produced by Lucas Magnat (Antape), is the result of almost five years of experiments, which lead the self taught musician to create those jerky beats and caustic melodies, sure to gratify any music lover seeking an engaging and exciting experience. With a pronounced taste for surfing on the edge of control, Antape's work on this release is a monument to controlled chaos and digital primitivism.


 Nocturne Pillar is a set of tracks that Seth Weaver (Kotekan) composed and produced from ages 16 to 20, always with a strong visual image in mind, and an aim to create organic, emotional pieces with a feeling of place and atmosphere. Etherial synths and strange samples mix with hard hitting rhythms and tight leads, as Kotekan draws themes from classical, world, and early electronic music, in an attempt to create acompendium of musical short stories.


Both physical and digital options are available with this release. Cassettes are strictly limited to 100 copies. Digital versions are sold via Bandcamp.

Antape & Kotekan Split - Cassette tape (shipping included)

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Antape & Kotekan Split - Digital release (Bandcamp "pay-what-you-want", individual for both Eps) :

Antape – Primitive Silly Music Kotekan – Nocturne Pillar

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Primitive Silly Music composed and produced by Lucas Magnat (soundcloud.com/antape)
Nocturne Pillar composed and produced by Seth Weaver (soundcloud.com/kotekan)
All tracks mastered by Jean-Baptiste Meyrieux
Screen printing executed at Offensiwe, Leipzig (offensiwe.de)
Artwork by Simon Magnat (pacifixart.blogspot.fr)
Making of the tapes (Roy de Rats' article)