Wednesday, 30 July 2014 10:36

Sound engineering, DIY and sun!

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After almost seven months of radio silence, we felt like it's time to give some minimum online sign of life. No news good news? Well the first five months of 2014 have been pretty intense for sure.

As we wrote in our last blog entry, we started the year with the recording of the second album of the singer songwriter Nadine Maria Schmidt. A long run project that we made in collaboration with the recording studio from André Gensicke in Berlin. The Album is due for release at the end of September and we'll post excerpts of it as soon as we can!


In February, we've been busy with the first album of Dolus Mutombo, a big project which combines traditional African music (Dolus comes from Congo) and pop influences. The recording occupied ourselves during the whole month, and we combined the mixing with another recording for the German singer songwriter Anne Heißig.


After finishing those works, we focused ourselves on our second album with the band Annuluk. Given the release date was already fixed to a relatively close deadline, we had to concentrate the work in a short amount of time, which has been really stimulating both for the band and for us. The album is already available, just take a look to this page.


All those recordings have been performed in Leipzig at the Spinnerei. We now share this room with Tom Fritz, a doctor in neurology and a musician who makes sessions there twice a week. Furthermore, the room sometimes provides support to his researches (which happen to have something to do with music!) and sometimes even for concerts. That's a lot of things for one space, but in the end there's way enough time for our recordings and the sharing of the space have been working great so far.


We also have a lot of freedom in the way we can adapt the place to our studio activity and we already started some small works there. But the biggest DIY actions takes place in our mixing room right now : we're improving the acoustics by building partition walls over the two side walls, which will provide us some useful bass trapping. We're now by the end of this work and can't wait to mix something with our brand new walls!


Regarding the equipment, we've acquired several new pieces of gear, and notably some microphones (Audix D1, D2 + two i5, two new UM70 large membrane capsules for our pair of Gefell MV692) and a new pair of Event ASP6 monitors.


Thanks for reading and have a nice month of August !