oy de Rats spend most of our time working closely with musicians in recording, mixing and mastering sessions. We see each step of the process as a true collaboration: we’re completely open to your music and ideas, and we’re also here to give feedback with a few extra pairs of ears whenever you need them.




lbum, EP, demo, gigs… whatever the brief, we approach it with the technical expertise you need. Prior to the actual studio work, we wish to meet you in order to organize a session which is the most adapted to your musical project, enabling us to capture your musical expression at its best.




haping the material from the recording session into a balanced whole, tweaking the mixes so that they bring out all the nuance of your music... We want to work closely with you to produce a clear, coherent mix in which the technical choices go hand in hand with the musical ones.

We’re also available to mix tracks not recorded by Roy de Rats, again with an initial meeting to discuss your requirements and what we can bring to the project.




nce the mixes of your tracks are completed, we master them in order to add the final touches and an overall cohesion fit for broadcast industry standard.



  • Microphones:
    • 2x Neumann Gefell Mv692 / UM70
    • 2x Neumann Gefell M70
    • 1x Custom tube mic RdR-12
    • 2x Cascade Fathead 1 (Lundhal X-fo)
    • 1x Schoeps CM 060
    • 2x AKG C214
    • 1x AKG D222
    • 1x Beyerdynamic M260
    • 1x Senheiser e906
    • 1x Audix D1
    • 1x Audix D2
    • 1x Audix D6
    • 2x Audix I5
    • 1x Shure Pg 81
    • 3x Shure Sm 57
    • 1x Shure Beta 52
    • 2x AKG D190
    • 1x Audio Technica AT pro 35
    • 1x Tbone Sct 1100
    • 2x Tbone Sc100II
    • 1x Berhinger ECM 8000
    • 1x Beyerdynamic M61
    • 1x DI radial passive
  • Audio interfaces and Preamps
    • 1xRME fireface 800
    • 1x RME fireface UC
    • 2x M-audio Profire 2626
    • 1x Creamware A16 AD/DA
    • 5x Channel strips Digitec-Schlumberger mve6511
    • 1x Préampli Adm 780
    • 1x Préampli Ssl 9k DIY
  • Monitoring
    • 2x Dynaudio Air 6
    • 2x K+H 096 (3-Way active)
    • 2x Event ASP6
    • 2x Event PS6
    • 2x Yamaha HS50
  • Headphones
    • 1x Beyerdynamic DT990 pro
    • 1x Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro
    • 1x Ultrasone pro 990
    • 5x Superlux HD 660
  • Fxs
    • 1x Electroharmonix memory man with hazarai
    • 1x Aphex aural exciter
    • Several guitar pedals
  • DAW/ Plug Ins/ Controllers
    • Reaper 4
    • Native Instrument Komplete 10 Ultimate
    • 1x Faderport
    • 1x Akai MP49
    • 1x BCF 2000
  • Backline
    • 1x Fender Telecaster Baja electric guitar
    • 1x Italia Guitars Rimini electric guitar
    • 1x Fender Precision Bass Mexico
    • 1x Guild GAD-30 PCE ITB Acoustic guitar
    • 1x Orange Dual Terror
    • 1x Fender Superchamp 25
    • 1x Peavey Valveking 212
    • 1x Sovtek Mig-50 guitar amp
    • 1x Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab
    • 1x Korg electribes ESX
    • 1x Korg monotribe
    • 2x Korg monotron
    • 1x Yamaha DX9
    • 1x Some other toys Synths

Conditions and pricings


efore embarking on a new collaboration, we want to discuss a price that offers a good balance between your expectations, your means, and the importance of our work. We do believe that it's fair to apply a price specifically for each project.

Our prices for recording begin with 150€ for a working day (8 hours). Regarding mixing and mastering, we set our prices per song depending of how complex it is, and thus how much work it will require. We can ask from 50€ to 120€ for the mixing of one track, and from 30€ to 70€ for its mastering.

We give those prices for information only. If you need a more precise estimation, please contact us so that we can discuss about it together.