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Fall 2013

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It's been a while since we didn't update our site with some news but no worries, we're still there! So what's up?


First of all we've been working on the room which is slowly becoming our first own control room. Given the windows overlook a rather busy street, we started building inner shutters to provide the room a better isolation from the traffic noises. We're now at the end of this first DIY-acoustic project (see pictures) and our next move will be the building of proper acoustic treatment (reflectors and bass traps) to work out the sound within the control room itself.


We also get to the finishing of our “Roy de Racks”, a home-made flight case designed to make our mobile recording sessions easier. Full of audio interfaces, pre-amplifiers and a handy patch, it's already been in use this summer in a simplified version and it's delivering its full capabilities as we're writing those lines, at the occasion of the following of our first studio work with the world music band Annuluk (more info soon).


Last but not least, we acquired a couple of new microphones over the past months ( Two RFT Neumann Gefell MV691 with M70 capsules, a modified vesion of a Tbone SCT700 with a new capsule, pimped electronic, and polarity switch), five DIY racked channel strips taken from an old Schlumberger desk, along with a new pair of studio monitors Klein & Hummel O96, and a RME Fireface 800 interface to plug all this new gear.


As for the work with musicians, we've been busy with several recordings across the summer. We recorded four live tracks with the jazz-rock band Dirty Laundry, put down five songs by the blues / folk songwriter Flo Kern. Charles' friends Nichiels also stopped by us on their way to eastern Europa for touring, and we recorded three punk-rock songs together. A video of this session was made by Elena Raguénès and is available here!


After the current recording (and mixing) with Annuluk, we plan a work with the Leipziger band 2ersitz before Christmas, and right after it we'll be busy with the second album of Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frümorgens am Meer. A lot of activity to keep us warm during the forthcoming winter!


Bis bald,

the Roy de Rats' crew

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