vendredi, 29 mars 2013 13:33

Annuluk - Ushna

Ushna, Annuluk's debut album, released on the 12th of April
Partially recorded, and fully mixed by "Roy de Rats" (November - December 2012)
More informations about Annuluk www.annuluk.net

Live recording with the band Ashe Outou in their rehearsal room.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by "Roy de Rats"
More informations about Ashe Outou: Ashe Outou

jeudi, 28 mars 2013 00:00

Fix - Fix

First demo from the leipziger band Fix. Recorded in the basement of the Paul-Gehardt-Kirche in Leipzig by "Roy de Rats".
Mixed and mastered by "Roy de Rats"
More informations about Fix: www.myspace.com/fix_music


Live Album of the VollMondorchester from Leipzig.
Recorded live on at the Kanal 30, Leipzig, Mixed and Mastered by "Roy de Rats"

mardi, 09 octobre 2012 15:21

Trailer Park - Let's talk about chicken

First album of "Trailer Park" a punk band from lyon (fr).
Recorded by "Roy de rats", peno and Guillaume Turban, Mixed et Mastered by "Roy de Rats", Leipzig.
More information about Trailer Park: trailerpark1.bandcamp.com


First EP from Jodie Banks, more information on their bandcamp :http://jodiebanks.bandcamp.com/
Recorded and Mixed by Jean-Baptiste Meyrieux.

lundi, 08 octobre 2012 15:21

NOP - The Downfall

Recorded and Mixed by Maxime Brien, Mastered by "Roy de Rats" in Leipzig.

dimanche, 07 octobre 2012 17:21

Brassbanditen 2012

dimanche, 07 octobre 2012 17:21


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